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SushiDishes with unusual and traditional flavors


27 pieces of salmon 15 sashimi, 6 sushi, 6 shakemaki.
15 sashimis (5 tuna, 5 salmon, 5 white fish), 6 Sushis (2 salmon, 2 tuna, 1 white fish, 1 shrimp or 1 crab stick and 6 Rolls (2 California, 2 salmon skin, 2 Philadelphia or 2 Hot Philadelphia).Combos Traditional
15 sashimis, 6 sushis and 6 rolls, made on the spot with contemporary ingredients. The idea is to add surprising new flavours (mango chutney, passion fruit, curry, cupuaçu, among others) to traditional fish.Combos Exotic
20 sashimis (10 tuna, 10 salmon), 10 sushis (5 tuna, 5 salmon), 14 rolls (8 opium rolls: breaded shrimp, salmon shavings and seeds.Combos Opium

Sushi Pairs

Salmon roe or eel or foie gras.Prime
Made on the spot by the sushi man to surprise your palate.


Mix sushi (10 pieces)
2 tuna, 2 salmon, 2 shrimp, 2 whitefish, 2 capelin roe.
Mix sushi (16 pieces)
4 salmon, 2 tuna, 2 shrimp, 2 haddock smoked, 4 hot philadelphia, 2 salmon skin.

Sashimi 10 ou 20 slices

Tuna, sandperch, salmon, crab stick or octopus.
5 salmon sashimi, 5 tuna sashimi, 5 white fish, 5 octopus sashimi rice, massago roe and sesame seeds.
Sashimi Exotic
5 tuna with japanese pepper, 5 salmon with mustard and honey, 5 haddock smoked and 5 salmon marinated in soy sauce.

Hot Makizushi

Roastuna (9 slices)
Alga stuffed with tuna in crispy crust and Teriyaki sauce.
Hot Fila (6 slices)
Stuffed with salmon, cream cheese, kani, chives, breaded.
Thai Roll (8 pieces)
Salmon, breaded shrimp, shitake, nira and crispy harumaki.Thai Roll (8 pieces)
Opium Hot (6 pieces)
Semi-raw salmon, cream cheese, mango chutney, caramelized almonds.Opium Hot (6 pieces)


8 pieces with rice.
Spicy Tuna
Tuna, capelin roe, tabasco sauce and sesame seeds.
Mango, crab stick, cucumber and sesame seeds.
Salmon Skin
Grilled salmon skin, chives and sesame seeds.
Fresh salmon, cream cheese, chives and sesame seeds.
Capelin roe, breaded shrimp and seeds.
The classic wrapped fine Japanese tradition 8 pieces of tuna or salmon with nori and rice.
Grilled salmon, hearts of palm, kani, cream cheese and lettuce.
Roll Mix
4 salmon skin, 4 hot philadelphia, 4 california, 4 spicy tuna, 4 ebitem roll.Roll Mix


Diced fresh salmon or tuna, massago roe, chives, sesame, wasabi, soy sauce, crispy crackers and hondashi.
Tataki Opium
Tuna, salmon, haddock smoked, roe, chives and olive oil.


Cones of seaweed and rice.
Fresh tuna with chives and sesame seeds.Temakis
Spicy Tuna
Tuna, Capelin roe, tabasco sauce and sesame seeds.Temakis
Salmon Spicy
Fresh spicy salmon with chives and sesame seeds.Temakis
Fresh salmon with chives and sesame seeds.Temakis
Shrimp cooked with chives and sesame seeds.Temakis
Temaki without Rice (Tuna or Salmon)
Nori, chives, sesame seeds and tuna or salmon.
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