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SnacksDishes with unusual and traditional flavors


Codfish Harumaki with Thai Jelly Japanese (Thai)
Dough roll stuffed with shredded codfish and seasoned with herbs, comes with "dedo de moça" pepper jelly.
Gyoza Chinese Dumplings (China)
Gyoza: chinese dumplings cooked in vapor,stuffed with roasted swine ribs comes with barbecue sauce chinese.
Shrimp Won Ton (Vietnam)
Shrimp seasoned and braised with fresh herbs. Comes with cream stew sauce.Shrimp Won Ton
Tori Furai (Japan)
Diced chicken breaded in Japanese flour, served with sweet chilli and Teriaky sauce.Tori Furai (Japan)
Jerked Beef Won Ton with Brie Sauce(Thai)
Crispy dough parcels stuffed with jerked beef braised in garlic, comes with brie cheese sauce.
Top Sirloin Dim Sum (China)
Fine oriental dough cooked in vapor, stuffed with top sirloin beef marinated in wine and fresh herbs. Comes with chimichurri pepper sauce.
Snack Combo Opium (Asian)
Opium Shrimp with guava barbecue sauce, picanha Din Sun with chimichurri, codfish harumaki with thai jelly, Gyoza chinese dumplings , jerked beef Wong Tang with brie sauce.Snack Combo Opium (Asian)
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Opium - Contemporary Asian Cuisine Allow to the Opium

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