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Main DishesDishes with unusual and traditional flavors


Sea Bass Marinated in Thai sauce (Thai)
Sea bass seasoned with red curry and coriander stuffed and steamed in rice paper served with pineaple and nirá rice.Sea Bass Marinated in Thai sauce (Thai)
Asian Salmon (Japan)
Fresh semi-grilled salmon, garnished with the tasty Fresh Mushroom Risotto (Shiitake and Paris), made with authentic Arborio rice and a light touch of veal gravy, fresh cream and baroa potatoes straws.
Tuna in a Vietnamese Crust (Vietnam)
Fresh semi-grilled tuna, covered in two colors of sesame seeds, comes with apple cubes in passion fruit cream and teriyaki sauce.Tuna in a Vietnamese Crust (Vietnam)
Indian Salmon (India)
Salmon stuffed with banana, curry, brown sugar, ginger and served with cream cheese risotto, fresh tomatoes and cebolinha.Indian Salmon (India)
Seafood Sautéed to Bangkok (Thai)
Shrimp, scallops, calamari, sea bass sautéed and seasoned with thai red curry, coriander, ginger, and coconut milk accompanied by Jasmine rice.Seafood Sautéed to Bangkok (Thai)


Khao Phat Sapparot Kung (Thai)
Rice with Shrimp in Pineapple, served in a pineapple, tasty jasmine rice and omelet, mixed with crunchy cashew nuts, coriander, pineapple cubes and ginger.Khao Phat Sapparot Kung (Thai)
Shrimp Curry (India)
Tasty shrimp seasoned with curry, braised in an aromatic sauce,dried fuits and coriander Comes with jasmine Rice and vegetables.Shrimp Curry (India)
Vietnamese Shrimp Moqueca (Vietnam)
Shrimp Moqueca: Shrimp seasoned with ginger and a sauce of blended coconut, sake, dashi, dende oil, red bell peppers, coriander, fresh cream Comes with jasmine rice and Brazilian "farofa" powder in dende oil.Vietnamese Shrimp Moqueca (Vietnam)
Fried Rice with Prawns (China)
Braised Jasmine rice with prawns, garlic, peas, shoyo, sesame oil, omelete, carrots, baby corn, chives and string beans.Fried Rice with Prawns (China)


Mignon Grilled in Tofu Crust (Japan)
Mignon beef seasoned with salt an pepper grilled with a fine paste of aromatic tofu with herbs, comes with a vegetable curry risotto ( baroa potatoes, baby corn, carrots, string beans).Mignon Grilled in Tofu Crust (Japan)
Massaman Nuea (Thai)
Beef massaman curry: Filet mignon slices, green curry, green beans, coconut milk served with jasmine rice and basil leaves.
Roasted Lamb Ribs Bombay (India)
Grilled lamb ribs seasoned with spices accompanied by vegetables sauteed, vinaigrette tomato and coriander and garnished of exotic mashed baroa made with ginger and curry.Roasted Lamb Ribs Bombay (India)
Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry (Vietnam)
Steak thinly spiced, pepper, garlic, bean sprouts, chinese vegetables served with jasmine rice.Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry (Vietnam)


Indian Chicken (India)
Chicken strips in fresh cream, yellow curry and mango chutney comes with saffron rice with dry fruits (dehydrated banana, raisins,apricot and cashew nuts).Indian Chicken (India)
Gaeng Khiew Wan Gai
Chicken filet strips aromatized with basil, braised in coconut milk and Thai green curry, with the famous seasoning of fresh herbs, galangal and pepper. Comes with jasmine rice.Gaeng Khiew Wan Gai
Crispy Duck Shanghai Style (China)
Slowly roasted duck with spices served with risotto pear and lettuce salad, tomato and cucumber pickles.Crispy Duck Shanghai Style (China)
Vietnamese Chicken (Vietnam)
Chicken cubes sauteed with bean sprouts, cashew nuts, pepper, mushroom sauce, chives shitake, ginger, garlic served with noodles in butter.Vietnamese Chicken (Vietnam)

Noodles and Side Dishes

Shrimp Yakisoba (Japan)
Shrimp Yakisoba (Japan)
Chicken Yakisoba (Japan)
Filet Mignon Yakisoba (Japan)
Kuaytiaw Phat Thai(Thai)
Traditional rice noodles with grilled shrimps, cashew nuts, omelette, coriander, bean sprouts and tamarind sauce with peanuts.Kuaytiaw Phat Thai(Thai)
Shrimp and calamari Spaghetti (Vietnam)
Shrimp and calamari spaghetti, zucchini, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes with brazilian moqueca
Jasmine Rice (Thai)


Phat Ma Maung (Thai)
Shiitake mushroom with Vegetables braised in a mild sauce, covered with toasted cashew nuts, pineapple cubes and coriander. Comes with jasmine rice.Phat Ma Maung
Vegetarian Flat Rice Noodles (Thai)
Typical flat rice noodles with tofu, bean sprouts, cashew nuts, coriander, in a mushrooms sauce with ginger, curry, shiitake, zucchini and carrots.Vegetarian Flat Rice Noodles (Thai)
Vegetables and Tofu Curry (India)
Carrots, eggplant, baby corn, zuchinni, spinach, brocoli, ginger, coriander, indian curry cauce served with Jasmine rice.Vegetables and Tofu Curry
Fried Rice with Vegetables (China)
Baby corn, string beans, carrot, baroa potatoes, mushroom, Jasmine rice, chives, sesame oil, soy sauce.
Viet Roll (Vietnam)
Viatnamese rool wrapped in rice paper, stuffed with mango, hearts of palm sprouts and sambal sauce.


Carioca Sandwich
French bread, filet mignon, cheese, pineapple and french fries.
Cheeseburguer comes with braised onions and french fries or mixed greens.
Bread with top sirloin and filet mignon burguer seasoned with sauteéed onions and herbs. Comes with crispy french fries.
Chicken Club
Sandwich toast with shredded chicken, cheese, tomato and mixed greensChicken Club


Bean Soup
Bean soup served with bacon, garlic dried and parsley. Comes with toast.
Chicken Soup
Chicken soup with rice, slice of chicken, julienne carrots and finely chopped onion parsley. Comes with toast.
Vegetable Soup
Season vegetable soup, cooked in a sauce and lightly seasoned. Comes with toast.


Tasty grilled cuts of your choice.
Filet Mignon
Chicken Filet
Salmon Filet
White FishTeppanyaki White Fish
Top Sirloin
Lamb Ribs
* Garnished with a side and sauce of your choice.

Colored Rice
Pineapple Rice
Vegetable Yakisoba
Japanese Noodles
Mixed greens
French Fries
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